This will be my last Disneyland post, I promise! I just wanted to take this time to share how much I love Disneyland during the holiday season! The amount of work the Walt Disney Co. puts into transforming Disneyland into a winter wonderland. The amount of designing that goes into the process is amazing! They deserve a huge shout out for all the work they do. People literally come from all over the world just to see these holiday decorations and attractions at the Disneyland Resort. The park is always extremely crowded at this time of year, but just a couple minutes in the park and you’ll see why. It truly is a magical experience. I have been to the park many times during this holiday season, a couple times just to get my creative juices flowing for certain class projects. Disneyland is a magical, beautiful place full of creativity and imagination. If you ever get the chance to go during the holidays, I strongly suggest it! Here is a site of neat Disneyland holiday facts!

Thanks for reading :)